From a young age I’ve always wanted to be a doctor. I remember near our house they were building a huge hospital. My dream was that one day I would work there. I graduated from a sports high school which taught me perseverance and helped me build a strong character. Following my passion to help others didn’t stop there, I was later accepted at the local medical college to study Rehabilitation Therapy. Upon my graduation I found a job at that same hospital as a rehabilitation therapist at the trauma and orthopedic department. I loved my work not only because I was able to help patients to recover from their trauma and injuries, but also seeing the results and progress of my work. In the year of 2000 I immigrated in Toronto Canada, where I faced difficulty in getting accredited as a physical therapist. I went to work in nursing homes, but this didn’t satisfy me completely. I quit my job and concentrated on our family business. My husband and I opened a Martial Arts school together and I then realized that I was helping people in a different way by teaching them to improve their confidence, focus, concentration, self-esteem, discipline and reduce stress, as well as by helping them reach their goals and essentially changing their lives. I understood how important the connection between the body, mind and spirit is and that they shouldn’t be looked at separately, but as a whole. Something inside me wanted to achieve more and I wanted to come back to practicing healing and helping people feel better. I am very grateful for my friend who introduced me to the quantum world by helping me to find out what was wrong with my younger daughter after a trip from South America. Raphaella had severe pains in the area of the large intestine. After going to allopathic doctor and after a stool test, nothing was found. She couldn’t go to school for two weeks because of her pain. I was introduced to SCIO (a quantum biofeedback device) and after the first visit the pain was gone. We found that she had contracted parasites. I then got very intrigued with this type of medicine and wanted to learn more, so I bought a SCIO device myself and registered for an intensive course with one of the most knowledgeable mentors in the quantum field, Dr. Debora Drake. I also took several courses at the Center for Pain and Stress Research Toronto in Acupuncture with the Dolphin Neurostim Technology practicing the unique method of micro current point stimulation. To connect the knowledge from the quantum biofeedback course, the acupuncture course and understand the concepts in depth, I found Quantum University which offers amazing programs and opportunities and each of the subjects in the program were exactly what I wanted to learn. In the year of 2020 I graduated with Doctorate and PhD in Integrative Medicine and earned the title of a Integrative Medicine Doctor. I invite you to schedule a consultation with me today. Together, we can work towards achieving your health and wellness goals.

To create a NEW YOU it starts with YOU!

Health Coaching

Here at the Natural Integrative Medical Centre, we care about your physical, mental and emotional well-being — not only during your healing sessions but also during your transition to a new you. Providing you with information and tools to implement and establish a healthier lifestyle, you will be motivated to overcome challenges and improve your overall health.

Dolphin Neurostim Microcurrent Point Stimulation

Microcurrent Point Stimulation (MPS), using the Dolphin Neurostim device, is a therapy that is approved by Health Canada and by the FDA in the United States. This therapy is applied to specific acupuncture and muscle trigger points, and is used for reduction of chronic and acute soft tissue pain. MPS can lower cortisol levels, relax muscle tension and help to release the neurotransmitter endorphin which is a natural pain killer for our body. MPS therapy can also help with concussive conditions, improve sleeping patterns, assist in the alleviation of stress, anxiety, and depression, and is also a helpful approach for scar tissue release. MPS is recommended for self healing in our Natural and Integrative Medicine Centre by Doctor Reni who has extensive training and experience with the device. 

What is Quantum Biofeedback and What Can It Do For You?

Imagine a time in the future when there is a diagnostic and healing device with the scope and power to scan, and start your physical, emotional and mental self on the road to recovery. Well, The Future had arrived!

What It Is?

Quantum Biofeedback involves the use of a scanner that can detect imbalances and stressors in your body on a cellular level. Operated by a trained professional, the scanner then targets these stressors and imbalances using bioenergetic frequencies and bring your body back into balance. In turn, this can lead to the elimination of toxins, identify the root cause of various conditions and, then, prevent the condition from advancing into disease. Some of the causes of physical, mental and emotional imbalances are pathogens, allergies, nutritional deficiencies, negative thoughts and feelings, depression, weight issues, stress, out of whack hormones, fatigue, digestive and bowel issues and chronic pain. The accuracy and reliability of quantum biofeedback is based on research in the field of bioenergetic medicine and quantum physics. Science has shown us that our bodies are electric, and that electrical reactivity is measurable and can tell us many things.

How It Works!

During the test, you will be connected to the scanner by non-invasive harnesses on your forehead, wrists and ankles which will measure the electric resistance of your skin. These measurements are registered by the computer and then analyzed by the quantum biofeedback practitioner who can direct healing therapies applicable to your needs. The scanner has the capacity to measure your condition both before and after therapy in mere seconds. This allows the client to not only feel an improvement but also to see it on the scale created by the scanner. Quantum Biofeedback is ideally suited for children who are often unable to communicate what they are feeling and/or suffering. There are many examples of children with anxiety, depression, ADD, ADHD, autism and other psychological challenges showing considerable improvement after a period of treatment.